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A Few of My Favorite Things...

I'm here to tell you all about my GO-TO's, my essentials, MY FAVORITE GEAR, for the 2021 mountain biking season!!! And I can't wait to tell you about them!

Deity Knuckleduster Grips $21.99

This is my first time using Deity Grips in the six or so years that I've been riding! The Knucklduster's were recommended to me by a friend, so I thought I would give them a try! I would describe these grips as "cozy". They kind of feel like a small pillow under neath my hand, but without compromising the necessary dexterity. I was a little skeptical at first because the grip diameter is a bit wider than I was used to. But after the first ride with them, I realized that, even as a smaller handed rider, I was will able to have a firm grasp on the grip. They offer much more cushion than other grips I've used in the past which has helped with arm and hand fatigue! Even after 2 days of riding rooty, gnarly, steep descents, my hands weren't sore at all! I would definitely give them a try if you're in need of new grips!

Handup Lost in the Sauce Bike Gloves $29.00

Hand Up Gloves are made in Chattanooga, Tennessee and can be found in so many bike shops across the country! Apart from being known for the SUPER FUN line up of prints, these gloves ACTUALLY fit! As a smaller handed rider, I always find riding gloves to be too big! There's either extra room in the fingers, the wrist opening is too loose, or there's just too much fabric under the palm. But then I tried Hand Up Gloves. The size XS gloves fit perfectly. I love the fact that there is no velcro strap on the wrist, because I feel like they inevitably stop working over time. These gloves are super breathable, and the palm material is VERY grippy! Most importantly when I look down at them, I'm reminded to just get out there and HAVE FUN! *Bonus they come in an XXS*

Terry Cyclo Brief Liner Short $45.95

This is my all time favorite piece of riding gear! It is TOUGH to find the right Chamois, so when you do, you tend to stick with it! There are so many reasons I love this liner short. The actual Chamois pad is more minimal, giving you just enough cushion for the shorter or medium length rides (although I've worn these liner's on upwards of 20-25 mile rides with little to no problem). The shorter "brief" style is great for hotter days or for fitting under shorter MTB shorts. I would consider these to be a "mid- waisted" fit. The waist band stays snug with out falling down, but without with out cutting into your waist! Lucky for me, Terry has made these liner shorts for quite a while, and I'm hoping they continue to make them well into the future!

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes $6.50 - $45.60

I might be new to the game with Ursa Major, but I'm never going back. This all natural skin care company is based in Waterbury, Vermont and is chemical free, all natural, and smells so heavenly that you'll forget you even went on that super long, sweaty, dirt filled ride. I started using this product on long days, where I felt like I was wearing my helmet more than I wasn't. I noticed my skin was really getting put through the wringer. I'll be honest here, I am not a HUGE fan of face wipes. Ive tried other products and felt like they dried my skin out, or never felt like it actually CLEANED my gross (but proud), dirt caked face. But the Ursa Major Face wipe was the complete opposite! It felt like I had actually washed my face, and my skin didn't feel dry from harsh chemicals or alcohol. Bonus, it smells really good, and if you order ANYTHING from this amazing company, they will give you TWO free samples of other products to try! (I am now a complete convert to the whole line...)

High Above Cascadia Hip Pack $125.00

Ok I MIGHT be addicted to hip packs, but for good reason! They are the BEST! Although I have a few different packs. that are more specific to types of rides, the High Above Cascadia Hip Pack is the one I tend to use the most! It's about 12 inches long, and 3 inches wide. I find that I can fit a small first aid kit, tire pump, and a small snack with room to spare, and without carrying a bulky pack! Ive had this pack for 6 years of riding and racing, and its still in incredible condition! The durable, waterproof fabric is breathable, and light yet ready for wear. Also, my waterproof zipper STILL works! Enough said. High Above is made in the USA and located in Bellingham, Washington. You can customize every color option of your pack from the main fabric and the webbing to the zipper pulls. While perusing the site, I realized that they now only stock the Cascadia 4, which comes with a water bottle holder! The initial price tag is a bit steep, however it's a product that lasts! Last but not least, they will replace any product with abnormal defects, and repair your pack for you if you send it to them! Less waste yay!

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