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Julbo Fury Review

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

If you're like me, eye protection is a "must have" for riding, and I feel so strongly about this in fact, that I decided to to write my first ever review on the Julbo Fury, my favorite piece of gear I own! The Julbo Fury is multi purpose unisex fit sunglass that performs equally well for mountain biking as well as running, or hiking (let's be realI I don't run, or hike very much). The Fury solves a few problems that I've had with other major sunglass brands. The first is dealing with dreaded fogging! The Fury offers a full frame lens which provides a large range of vision for the rider, which normally invites moisture and fog, but not in the Fury's case! The sunglasses have an anti-fog fog coating that I feel like actually works. Furthermore, the fury lens leaves a few millimeters in between the lens and the frame preventing fogging even while climbing on the most muggy of days! The second area the Fury shines in is lens quality. The photo-chromatic lenses are a game changer for riding through the woods! Other big brand lenses that promise equal clarity almost always leave me dealing with some sort of back glare when the light starts to change, which can be pretty dangerous, and definitely annoying! The ever changing light intensity throughout a trail ride is something that the Fury eats up and spits out, and is much more effective than its competitors lens technology. On more grey days, or through darker forests, the REACTIV Performance lens lets in up to 75% of the light, offering a nearly completely clear lens. In contrast, when the light is harsh or high, the REACTIV lens lets in only a minor 17% of light! Leaving my eyes feeling completely protected! If there is a place the Julbo Fury falls short, it would be that if you have a smaller than average face, the Fury can be a bit on the big side, however even on my smaller framed face, the Fury's stay on just fine, and feel great, which is something Im always trying to find! Actually, my favorite thing about these sunglasses is that they don't pull my hair when I take them on and off and they fit perfectly with my POC Tectal! The Julbo Fury's ranges in price from $129.95 to $219.95 depending on what lens you choose. These are competitive prices, but in my opinion the Julbo Fury packs a real bang for the buck and it definitely gets my dollars!!

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