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Keep Your Season ROLLING!

There's still plenty of riding time left in the season, but the onset of chilly temps and wet trails can really *cough- cough* put a damper on your fun!

Here's my go to gear to get me through fall in VT with Pro's and Con's if applicable!!

Pro's: Great Dexterity (I feel in control of my brakes, shifter, and dropper lever!)

Grippy palm which is great for hanging on to your grips!

Wind proof and water proof Gore-Tex layer on top of your hand to keep the wind out!

Closable neoprene wrist cuff that helps keep rain and wind off of your skin.

Con's: The water proofing layer does make them more prone to feeling sweaty.

Pro's Super Lightweight and packable,

perfect for days with changing

temps! Very breathable, and able to

be worn for a long ride without

overheating! Fully taped seams so

you're not constantly ripping threads!

Made of 64% recycled fabric!

Con's. Not fully water proof (but thats what

makes it breathable!)

Pro. Wool is warmer, and naturally anti-


A more athletic fit for bike shoes

(which often have less room)

A blend of acrylic and wool, which

helps them dry quickly, smell less, and last longer!

Pro's. Light weight neck gator made in VT, that wicks moisture while keeping you warm!

Light enough to wear for a full ride!

Crosses over to Nordic skiing, or fat biking!

Pro's. Low Profile enough to fit under your helmet with out too much hassle!

Small and light weight enough to take off if you get too warm!

Dries quickly, so you can put it back on when you get cold again.

Pro's. Wind and weather resistant

Great for fall trail riding, or the bike park.

Durable material for the inevitable tip over's

Zipper from the bottom to the knee for knee pads removal (without taking your pants off!)

What's your go to gear??

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