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The ESSENTIALS to Bring Along on Your Next Trail Ride!

Ok you've got the shiny new bike, and the helmet with the extra added safety features (just in case) AND the sales person at the shop convinced you (eventually) to get the liner shorts. You're ready to get riding!

You head out, wind in your helmet, cruising through the hardwoods, gnarly root sections, and square edge rocks...until... *PSSSSSSSSSSSSS*...The dreaded flat tire!!

No one wants to have to call a friend to come get them out of a sticky situation! So, here's a list of all the ESSENTIALS to have with you on your mountain bike ride!

Full Disclosure: The items in my pack are well loved, and I have had them for quite some time! A true testament to the product's longevity!!

  1. A spare tube! Wether you currently have tubes in your tire, or your wheels are set up tubeless, the most sure fire way to get your bike rolling down single track again is to replace the tube.

  2. Tire Lever(s). This tiny light weight tool will save you a LOT of time if you need to fix a flat tire on the trail. Im a big fan of Pedro's Tire Levers. They're super durable and come in a pair, so I split them up and keep them in different hip packs so I know I always have one with me! Any tire lever pair will do, but you can shop the Pedro Lever HERE

  3. A multi-tool! There are so many multi-tools available, from the most minimal lightweight no-fuss tool, to the do-it -all types that make me think that one day we're all going to have have "Go-Go Gadget" capabilities. I find that a good array of Allen wrench sizes, and a chain breaker tool is more than enough, and will get me out of most sticky situations. Bonus: A multi-tool with an 8MM Allen wrench which can definitely come in handy because its the size needed to tighten MOST pedals. I Use the Specialized EMT tool pictured, but it doesn't seem to be manufactured any more! But this Crank Brother's M17 tool is similar and equally as good!! - Shop the Crank Brother's M17 Tool HERE

  4. Tire Plugs! Affectionally known in the mountain bike industry as "Bacon Strips" because of their ODD resemblance to the breakfast food-you may have used something like this on your car tires at some point (although hopefully not). These are incredibly useful if you get a puncture type of flat. You can use the rubber strip to plug the hole in your tire. Its definitely not full proof but when you need it, you need it! This is for sure useful if you have a tubeless set up! - Shop it HERE

  5. There are a few different ways to re-inflate a flat tube or tire, but bringing along a trusty hand pump is by far my preference for trail riding. It may take a BIT longer to get your tires up to the correct pressure than say a C02 cartridge, but there is much less of a chance for failure. I like the Lezyne pump line-up because they're lightweight, easy to use, and the hose is flexible and has a small in line head fitting, which can fit in between tight spokes often found on most children's bikes! -Shop the Lezyne Hand Pump HERE

6. As a mountain bike coach and skills instructor, I always have a small first aid kit

In my pack that has the essentials for taking care of the inevitable montain bike

mis-haps. Butterfly band-aids, aspirin, Benadryl, cloth tape, alcohol wipes,

ace bandages, and more. I would also add zip ties to this list! I choose to carry a

smaller first aid kit on shorter rides; The adventure Medical Kit .3.

-Shop it HERE

Any of these items or similar can be found at your local bike shop, and will get you out of most riding predicaments! Happy riding!!

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