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The Patagonia Dirt Roamer Jacket; The Best Light Weight Riding Jacket on the Market!

Sometimes the colder weather just lingers, and even though the trails are slowly starting to open up and the trillium is blooming, the chilly Spring temps have a way of keeping me away from the trails...and we cant have that!!

Introducing, my favorite layer, the Patagonia Dirt Roamer Jacket. Unlike a lot of other light weight shells, the dirt roamer is specific to mountain biking! This doesn't mean that you can't wear it for other outdoor activities because believe me, I definitely do (XC Skiing, Skinning, hiking, dog chasing, you name it!) What it does mean, is that the technical & design aspects of this jacket were made with mountain bikers in mind, and thats pretty cool!

I want to tell you why I LOVE this jacket. First and foremost it actually resists water, and it actually IS extremely breathable. I have worn this jacket for 2 to 3 hour rides without having to stop to remove layers. I've also coached 3 hour clinics in rain storms and stayed warm and dry. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this jacket is magic.

The Dirt Roamer details are what really make this jacket comfortable to wear. The wrist

openings use elastic instead of velcro to keep out wind and rain. Velcro closures are my nemesis!! They've also elongated the fabric on the top of the cuff for increased protection from cold temps. The result is a fitted, yet comfortable wrist opening that doesn't stick to all of your clothes/ gloves, or wear out over time!

A lot of jackets in the category can be bulky, which make bringing them along for a ride "just in case" a pretty big hassle! The Dirt Roamer has taped seams, which allows the jacket to pack down into its over sized back pocket super easily! Resulting in a tidy 6" x 4" x 3" layer. Ive found that I can easily pack this jacket into the bottom of a hip pack, or back pack either in its collapsed form or loose!

The back of the neck is reinforced with a soft, durable fabric which is not only SUPER comfortable, but also helps elongate the life of the jacket by reinforcing a well known problem "wear" area. OH, and an oversized, yet elasticized hood fits perfectly over your bike helmet in case you get caught in a storm on the trails!! It seems like Patagonia has thought of everything, and I kind of agree.

Patagonia's goal for this jacket was to give the rider all of the necessities without bogging them down with extra zippers, pockets, or gadgets, and I LOVE IT!

The Patagonia Dirt Roamer Jacket comes in at $229.00 USD. This product is one that I personally feel is worth the investment!

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