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The Blue Sky Way of Life

At Blue Sky MTB we are committed to providing a FUN, supportive atmosphere for your growth by focusing on the fundamentals skills of mountain biking first, to fill your tool box & give you the best opportunity for success! We proudly coach to the PMBIA standard, which is built to meet you where you are at as a rider. Coach Christsonthy believes in a calculated approach to progressing, on your terms! We'll work closely together to instill confidence and control on your bike! Our goal is to create a life where we can have fun on our bikes, for a LONG time to come!

The Blue Sky Way: Welcome

We're Dedicated To Getting More Women On Bikes!

At Blue Sky MTB, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive & accepting mountain bike community where all women thrive! We acknowledge that it's tough to break into a sport that doesn't always put women first! Blue Sky MTB is proud and honored to work with companies, bike shops, and event organizers who recognize that women belong in the outdoors, and on mountain bikes!

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