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Ridden hard and put away dirty? Hydration pack stiff with dried sweat and covered with discarded GU in the pockets? (We’ve all been there) Avoid a whirl wind of frustration & early season mistakes with these tips!

  • Check your helmets manufacturing date: Check your helmets manufacturing date! I mean *cough* a buying a new helmet IS for SAFETY! (Not just because it looks cool...right?) For real though, a helmet that is 5 years or older (even if its NEVER been in a crash) should be replaced for optimal safety! Watch a quick video here:

  • Get your suspension serviced now and avoid the rush! You wouldn’t wait to get an oil change for your car, why treat your bike differently? Not taking care of this crucial part of your bike, is a massive disservice to yourself (and your bike)! Read about Green Mountain Pro Tune Suspension services here:

  • Get your bike a pre season tune up! This is the BEST way to make sure your riding season will start off with a bang! Bolts, can loosen up, bearings may need to be tightened, axles greased and brakes bled! Don’t be without your bike for one second of riding season! Bring it in to the shop in early March or mid April so you can hit the trails on DAY 1!

  • Wear a chamois! Your sit bones may have gotten used to riding every day by late fall, but early season sit bones are way more sensitive! Avoid WEEKS of pain by just putting that chamois on! I'm EXTREMELY excited to try The NEW Kaden Apparel Chamois!

  • Replace what’s been used, broken, or lost out of your riding pack! The best time to make sure you have a full first aid kit is BEFORE your first ride of the season. Lend a buddy your spare tube? Grab one before you go out! OH right… you forgot about the broken buckle on your hip pack! NOW is the time to make sure all of your gear is in working order so you're not stranded trailside & you can start by cleaning out that hip pack and making a list of what needs to be replaced

See you out on the trails! -Christsonthy

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