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Casual Meets Technical in the Dharco Women's MTB Gravity Pant!

Ok, maybe you've been riding more bike park lately, or maybe the weather is getting a little colder but you're NOT ready to stop riding! The truth is, you DONT need a reason to start wearing riding pants!! They're just awesome!!

For the last 4 weeks Ive been wearing the Dharco Women's MTB Gravity Pants while riding in all sorts of Knoxville Tennessee weather! Its been humid, its been cold, its been PERFECT, and these pants have literally weathered it ALL!

The fit of these pants is surprising! I was a little nervous because the reviews I read made these

pants seem more like a legging. But I didnt find that to be the case! Im 5'2" and I am wearing a size small. the inseam is 29" long, and the largest the waist can be, before adjustment, is 15.5" The sizing chart o the Dharco website is very accurate, and ultimately Im glad I have a size small. One of the reasons being that although there is a lot of room in the hip area, the actual waist band of the pants is not stretchy, so even though a size down would have been more fitted in the legs, the waist would have been a no go for me!

The style of these pants is what sets them apart, they're meant to be a bit more casual looking and less like a technical mountain bike pant. Personally, I think they nailed it! There are only a few small logo's on these pants, so wearing them out casually after a ride is a no brainer! Needless to say, these pants are definitely offered in more wild patterns and bright colors if you ready to make a splash out there!

The 4-way stretch fabric leaves PLENTY of room for knee protection, and breathability of the fabric allowed me to wear these pants even on sunny, 65 degree, humid Knoxville days! Dharco also uses Blue Sign Approved Fabric which claims to use much less chemicals during production. OK it isn't recycled, but these days, Im on bored with any company attempting to reduce their foot print on the environment.

My FAVORITE features of these pants are the adjustable waistband, which is really durable and effective! I love the front deep pocket thats big enough to take my phone in and out of it with out a challenge. And who can hate a 4-way stretch material! For my North east friends, I cant wait to wear these pants on the XC ski trails!!

There are only a few things I would change about these pants. First, making the waist band a bit more stretchy WOULD be nice, but not on the top of my list. It may seem un important, but the velcro closure on the waist band is pretty aggressive, and I found that if I wasn't careful, it would leave some nasty snags and rips on my jerseys or any other fabric that would come in contact with it! Also, other pants, like the POC DH Resistance Pants have a lower leg zipper that allows me to take my knee pads on and off throughout the day! Thats pretty darn nice!

Over all, I love these pants, and I keep reaching for them day after day! Whether you're looking for a durable pant for crushing park laps, or a more casual looking pant for pump track and jump line sessions with friends, the Dharco Women's MTB Gravity Pants check all of the boxes! I might even get some brighter ones! The 2022 line up just dropped on the website, and it looks wonderful!!

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