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Julbo Density Review - Unbeatable NEW Riding Eyewear, but is it?

Ill be honest with you all, when I received the Density from Julbo, I was skeptical. How in the world could a they ever replace my all time favorite sunglasses? The Julbo Fury's have been my GO TO for riding sunies for the past three years. Would the Density offer me something I wasnt finding with the Fury?

Well, after 2 months of spring riding in the South East, I have finally feel like I have enough information to share with you all. So here goes!


The Julbo Density, REACTIV 1-3 Light amplifier lens $250.00


The specific pair of Density's I have feature Julbo's REACTIV 1-3 'Light amplifier' lens, which adjusts from just shy clear to (mirrored) dark, and has a yellow tint to brighten up the light coming through! This specific lens is by far the my favorite and the best lens Ive found for the CONSTANTLY changing light that riding in the South East serves up. This lens adjusts to the light so quickly, and with absolutely no sacrifice to the riders vision. It honestly feels like magic, and the clarity is bar none. You know the time of day, "the harsh sun is coming in through the trees, and maybe thats a shadow on the ground or a stick" time of day? This is when the Density shines making all of those mountains of dappled light feel like ant hills.

The Density also offers more coverage than the Fury. Not sold on the bigger, robot-esque, lenses yet? Neither was I, until I realized just how much wind WASN'T getting through to my eyes on a long descent in the Pisgah National Forest. Thats right, zero watery eyes, made tackling the ridge line gnar completely doable. The fit of the Density is slightly wider than the Fury, but the CustomFIT temples are able to bend for a snugger, more comfortable fit! AND they're made of a bio- based polymer, a more sustainable, plant derived material. We love that! Truth be told, I didn't feel like I had to bend the arms of the sunglasses much, but it was nice to know it was an option!


Let's just say, most of the time, I forgot I was even wearing these sunglasses, they feel so weightless, and the lens is so clear, it felt so...easy. The BEST products make you feel like youre not using them at all.. thats the beauty of the Density. The REACTIV 1-3 lens performs as well as it always has, perfectly. It helps so much with harsh contrasting, and dappled light! Will they replace my well love'd Fury's? Honestly, they have. The biggest difference for me, is the open frame, which seems to completely prevent fogging. I have ridden in these sunglasses in 80 degree, high humidity, long climbs in the Pisgah National forest. They have never fogged, not once.

Pro's: Large coverage for people who have eyes that water all the time. Light weight for "barely there" feel. Bendable arms for a more comfortable fit. Frameless profile so you don't have anything in your peripheral and they rarely, if ever, fog up!

Con's: Wider fit may leave smaller noggin riders with pressure points from helmets, But really that is the only one I can think of!

Who is this for?

The Density is for everyone in my opinion, but the person that would really benefit from them? A rider who hates light distortion, but also hates wearing glasses! Hear me out. The light amplifying aspect of these photo chromatic lenses, paired with the lightweight, frameless silhouette, is the perfect combo for sunglass hater in your life! In short the person that wants maximum coverage and protection with the most minimal amount of interference.

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