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POC Oseus VPD Knee Pad: Lightweight, maneuverable knee pads with some added protection!

There are SO many knee pads on the market! Which means there's more choices for riders than ever before, and we can be a little more picky about exactly which product we want!

After using the POC Joint VPD System knee pads for two years, I was recently able to acquire their brand knew knee pads, the OSEUS!

The Oseus is very different than the Joint System knee pad and is more similar to POC's other knee pad offering, the VPD Air, but with some added features that are DEFINITELY an upgrade!

One problem I had with the VPD Air knee pad was the lack of material on the top of the pad. The protection seemed to stop JUST above the knee cap, leaving space between the pad and my shorts, as well as creating a pretty bad pressure point on my leg.

The Oseus has added material with aptly placed silicone grips to keep the knee pad from falling down, while adding more protection!

Definite upgrade! AND the lack of pressure point is SO much more comfortable, and it makes it so I can keep these knee pads on for a much longer time!

The Protection portion of the pad IS harder than the Joint VPD System knee pad, (read the Joint VPD System review here) and it becomes harder on impact, which does make it a bit more tedious for longer xc style rides. But, I definitely wouldn't put this pad ONLY in the DH category! This knee pad is very pedal-able!

POC has tested their VPD material in varying temps to make sure that it performs no matter what weather you're riding in! The Oseus pads also offer about 2 inches of VPD padding on either side of the knee that are ergonomically shaped! This extra padding is CRUCIAL for protection in crashes and from banging your knee against your frame! It also helps the knee pad keep its shape, and not move in case you do go down!

I've worn the Oseus VPD knee pads in the colder temps, high humidity, and long sweaty rides. I actually crashed in them twice, and both times was pleasantly surprised at how they didnt move AT ALL when I went down. My knee felt completely fine, and I was able to brush it off and continue my ride! (That's the point right?)

SO when would I use the Oseus VPD Knee Pads over the Joint VPD system? Any time I'm riding more technical, steep or loose trails I would definitely choose these pads. A day at the bike park, or an enduro/DH race? I would choose the Oseus. The fabric is lightweight, and breathable enough for longer more technical rides, and the knowledge that if I go down, my knees are fully protected is worth a little extra material!

The POC Oseus VPD Knee Pads retail for $140 and are SO worth it for more technical, riding!


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