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How to Keep Your Old Bike Feeling NEW!

Whether you've been unable to get the dream bike you've finally saved for, or the wheel set you were hoping to get isn't available until 2024, the shortage of bikes/ bike parts in the industry has affected us all!

However there are SOME things we can do to ensure our well loved bikes are happy & healthy while we patiently wait for the delivery of our new goodies!

I was able to pick the brains of the Village Sport Shop employees and we all agreed on this list of helpful tips to keep our bikes rolling!

1. Get your bike in for a yearly tune up!

Fall can be an awesome time to bring your bike to your local shop! First, there is less of an urgency to get your bike back in time for riding season, second, there may be some end of season discounts on parts and accessories! Pro tip: bring your bike in the same time as your bring your skis in to get tuned up for winter! Having the bike shop torque all of the bolts on your bike, check your chain for wear, and make sure your drive train is adjusted properly can elongate the life of your bike and make it feel brand new!

2. Keep up with general maintenance in between tune-ups!

Washing your bike regularly can help keep dirt out of your bolts, drive train, and suspension! Lubing your chain can increase its life, make shifting more efficient and easier, and GREATLY decreases your chance or breaking your chain on the trail! It also keeps your cassette from wearing down too fast which is definitely more of a financial investment! The bike lube you choose is a rider preference, and there sure are a lot of options! I prefer the Boeshield T-9 Lube. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what lubricant you use, as long as you use it often, and dont over do it. If you can see gunk on your chain, you're using too much. When used correctly, chain lube is invisible!

3. Get your suspension serviced at the suggested intervals.

Did you know that your suspension needs to be serviced? That means that after a certain amount of hours, suspension companies like FOX and Rockshox suggest that you send your suspension to a certified technician to get it rebuilt and replace the seals and fluid. If you think this is something that can be put off, or isnt necessary, you couldn't be more wrong! Servicing your suspension is so important, and can, quite literally, make an older bike feel like brand new! This goes for your dropper seat post too! MORE ON THIS SUBJECT SOON! But for the mean time, think about it like your car which needs to get its oil changed regularly!

3b. Check the air in your suspension and tires more often to prevent any failures!

This is a big one! If you are in the camp of checking the air in your bike once a month, its time to bumps those numbers up! Carry a floor pump in your car to check your tires before every ride, and a shock pump to make sure there is still an appropriate amount of air in your fork and shock. Interested in suspension? Stay tuned for the next post!

4.Reaplce your tires!

Have you looked at your the tread on your tires lately? Are your side knobs rounded from high speed corning, or are your braking knobs worn down? Tires are one of the accessories on our bike that affects our ride the MOST. If you aren't getting enough traction, your confidence can really take a hit out there, especially on the wet roots and rocks that the VT fall is dishing up!

5. Be open to trying new accessories and brands you've never heard of.

Bike shops are tying so hard to stock their shelves with products so you can keep your bike rolling out on the trails, but they may be having trouble getting your favorite brand of grips, dropper seat posts, or pedals! Lucky for us, this is a great time to try a smaller brand that you might fall in love with! There are so many amazing bike brands that offer comparable products, sometimes at a better price! I just picked up a the PNW Loam dropper post that retails for $200 when the Fox Transfer seat post can retail for around $400. REVIEW COMING SOON!

I hope the shortage of bikes is over soon, but until then, I'm trying really hard to keep my bike in good running shape so that I can enjoy it for as long as I want!

- Christsonthy :)

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